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Last night I dreamed that I had met someone I have never seen, at least that I remember. He was probably a little younger than I am, or maybe we both were younger. After meeting each other we went to a coffee place and stood at the bar and talking to each other. During a certain moment we talked almost softly, face to face, until he approached his lips and kissed me. Then I said “I knew that was going to happen” because that is what I was predicting in my thoughts while talking, that we would inexorably kiss each other. But that was not a simple kiss because at that moment we both knew how much we loved each other. After a moment I thought we could marry but then I dismissed this thought and called myself fool for being so impulsive. What I most remember about him is his perfect lips and his quite long hair. And there is no way for me to find a similar photo online. Of course, soon I will completely forget how his face looked like.


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