Apple and Hollywood

Ever wondered why is that Apple computers appear more in movies than Windows? I also asked myself the same question many times, as nice Apple laptops were quite appealing. The list of movies is endless and yet there is not (that I know of) a list on the internet featuring films which show Apple computers vs Windows computers. If you do and would like to share, thanks in advance!

How Apple became a cult in Hollywood is a great article that clears up many myths surrounding the presence of Apple computers in Hollywood movies.





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Vintage Posters

There is always something new in such posters and photos. I love them!






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Who is Your Vampire Soulmate?

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Last night I dreamed that I had met someone I have never seen, at least that I remember. He was probably a little younger than I am, or maybe we both were younger. After meeting each other we went to a coffee place and stood at the bar and talking to each other. During a certain moment we talked almost softly, face to face, until he approached his lips and kissed me. Then I said “I knew that was going to happen” because that is what I was predicting in my thoughts while talking, that we would inexorably kiss each other. But that was not a simple kiss because at that moment we both knew how much we loved each other. After a moment I thought we could marry but then I dismissed this thought and called myself fool for being so impulsive. What I most remember about him is his perfect lips and his quite long hair. And there is no way for me to find a similar photo online. Of course, soon I will completely forget how his face looked like.

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We say something is perfect when we think it is beautiful.

Beauty is something vulnerable that we would like to save from ruin. Yes. Beauty is beautiful because it is so vulnerable.

She Wore Only White. DORTHE BINKERT

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